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I am an Associate Director with Navigant Consulting. I have over 20 years of experience managing large scale energy efficiency and demand response evaluation efforts in the C&I and residential sectors. My areas of expertise include load control and innovative pricing, program impact data analysis, modeling, data analysis, survey and sample design, market assessment, process analysis, and performance measurement. I also specialize in integrated data collection and reviewing and redesigning data collection methods and program tracking databases. I have provided program design advice for energy efficiency and demand response programs throughout the country by analyzing market conditions and market operations, recommending best practice approaches, comparing and contrasting program designs and implementation methods, and reviewing and redesigning data collection methods and program tracking databases.

Recent experience includes:

Managing the evaluation of Commonwealth Edison's (ComEd) energy efficiency programs in Chicago.

Managing program design support and impact evaluations of innovative residential and small commercial load control programs in New Jersey, Kansas and Missouri.

Managing the impact analysis of portfolios of programs in Arizona, Kentucky, Kansas and Missouri.

Managing free ridership studies for several clients including Alliantís Shared Savings program and the free rider study of Custom Projects for Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas.

Managed a comprehensive examination of residential and small commercial air conditioner load control technologies and programs around the country to recommend a new program design for the New Jersey utilities.

Managed the assessment of market opportunities for commercial and industrial programs in New Jersey.

I earned a M.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University and a B.A. in psychology and religion from St Olaf College.

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